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Harmony dining chair 4019

SKU: 4019

Harmony dining chair is one of the favorite modern chairs of people’s choice. Order from our signature Spanish Furniture brand Angel Cerdá, and take a modern approach to create harmonious spaces. If you’re looking for a luxurious and stylish modern Spanish dining chair, you should try this model. This wood designer armrest chair is made of Leatherette and Walnut Wood. The fabric Colour is similar to Aqua 07.

The chairs are best fit for your high-end, Lobby, Lounge, living areas, and kitchen dining areas. Make your indoor spaces alive with a unique combination of european modern classic chairs. WOODGreen is a modern furniture retail shop and custom-made handcrafted modern wood or wooden furniture handmade to meet your specific needs.

Measurements: 54 x 59 x 80 cm

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