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Our Furniture business brand is relatively new, but our expertise has been around for decades. Picture this, a young boy in his early teens living in Palma de Majorca spends most of his afternoons doing wood work. Home and business Renovation, fit- outs specially carpentry is in his family legacy hence he integrates wood into living spaces from an early age. From carpenter to pilot was as if he could built his own
wings. From Pilot to entrepreneur and now reconnecting with his family legacy
in Spain to the heart of Dubai.


meets perfection

In today’s day and age, one cannot underestimate the importance of design, the art of creating striking visuals to move and captivate your audience. And as the world becomes more and more digitized with each passing second, the importance of graphic design has been rocketed to the top.



Thanks to our Ownership hands who are deliberately taking all Team, clients and work with High dedication leading to high Professionalism.


our team has full capacity to complete tasks for our turn key solutions which leads us to be committed to our clients.


We always take client serious that's why our trust building is good.


By doing things Right and working hard in right direction with high morals and ethics our integrity becomes our standards.

Meet Our Leader

General Manager

Iwona Wood
Iwona Wood

General Manager